Choosing a Vermont Family Ski Resort

Choosing the best ski resort deserves careful consideration for anyone, but especially when it comes to families. There are many different factors that can affect the success of a family ski vacation, and since these vacations do not come cheap, it is wise to take all of these factors into consideration before deciding where to go. Planning is even trickier when it is a new family, with babies and toddlers in it. These families need a new family ski resort where there are resources available to take care of the young children while the parents are able to have some time on the slopes by themselves. There are many different places to choose from when planning a family ski vacation. One popular choice in the East is to go on a Vermont family ski resort vacation.

Vermont Family Ski Resort Options

One popular option in a Vermont family ski resort is Smuggler’s Notch. One thing that families will see is different when going skiing in the East as opposed to the West is that the snow is much different. In the East, there is more ice that skiers have to deal with which takes some getting used to when skiers are accustomed to powder rather than man made snow. That said, the Smuggler’s Notch Vermont family ski resort is one that is specifically designed to cater to family vacations as well as those who are looking for a challenge skiing. This Vermont family ski resort is set up to offer package deals to families to make it more affordable for them. There is a child care center for those families who have children that are too young for the slopes or who get tired easily.

In addition to these benefits, there are other great options available at this Vermont family ski resort such as lessons for the children of all ages, a teen center so that teenagers can meet other teens and have a safe place to hang out when not on the slopes, and also other kids programs that the children can participate in. When the entire family is not on the slopes, there are other things that they can do such as mini golfing, watching fire works, and swimming.

Another great Vermont family ski resort is in Killington. This resort also has a variety of different options for children of all ages. There is a daycare center that will babysit children from as young as three months old. They also have activities for teens and other ages of children, including lessons in skiing and snowboarding.