Finding the Best Ski Resort Hotel: Three Top Picks

Finding the best ski resort hotel really does not have to be a huge challenge, although it can certainly feel that way sometimes. Whether you have a specific idea of what you want, such as finding a Utah ski resort, or you are pretty free with it and don’t mind where you go to stay as long as you get a fantastic luxury resort and great skiing, the most important thing is that you are going to enjoy yourself and have a great time.

There are three of the best ski resort hotels in particular that always come in right at the top of the rankings and which you are going to definitely want to consider if you are looking for the best ski resort hotel.

Deer Valley Best Ski Resort Hotel

One of the best ski resort hotels out there is the Deer Valley Resort, which is located in Utah. The weather here is always perfect for skiing and snowboarding and this resort is spectacular. The resort is located just 37 miles from the Salt Lake International Airport so it is easy to get there if you are traveling from out of town.

This resort is one that prides itself on offering exceptional customer service at all times and it is spread out over four mountains and so there is lots of room to enjoy skiing and other winter sports.

Hilltop Ski Area

Or if you are looking for one of the best ski resorts, there is the Hilltop Ski Area resort that you may be interested. There is day and night skiing available here and while there is no snow tubing, there are a lot of other great activities that you can take part in.


Located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, this is another of the best ski resort hotels. There are professional skiers and celebrities from all around the world who choose to travel here when they want to have a fun day of skiing, and the resort itself is superb. It looks like a castle and there is a reason that this resort is considered as being the number one resort in Quebec.

There are always exceptional ski conditions here and you can check out their website to get more information on hours and how to make reservations.

Whether you book at any of these resorts or another, make sure that you make your reservation as soon as you can so that you can make sure that you get in for the date that you want.