Planning a Ski Vacation with a Baby: New Family Ski Resorts

Planning a fun ski resort vacation takes considering certain factors such as the ages and skill levels of all the people going on the vacation. There are some resorts that cater to the more extreme skiers, with helicopter transport to the ridges where there is fresh snow and the need of a tracking device on each skier in case of an avalanche. There are other resorts that are friendly to people who have families, catering to the needs that are particular to travelling and skiing with kids. In these family ski resorts, there are some that will provide daycare for babies, and there are others that will not. New family ski resorts are those that will provide daycare for children of all ages, starting with babies.

Limitations Of New Family Ski Resorts

When planning for a new family ski resort vacation, the family will need to thoroughly check out the options available at the resort that they are going to. It is not enough to see that the resort has a daycare center. Each daycare center at a new family ski resort will have its own rules as to the ages of infants that they will accept. Since there is a higher liability with taking care of infants, there are some new family ski resorts that will not accept infants under the age of three months. In other cases, there are some centers that will take the infants as young as one or two months old. These are rare, however, and parents who have children that young will have to specifically check to see if they will have the ability to place their child into that particular daycare situation so that they can enjoy skiing the slopes.

Another aspect of planning a new family ski resort vacation is to see what options are available for the other children in the family. There are often options for lessons and other activities that toddlers, elementary, middle and high school aged children can participate in to make their time more enjoyable. Teens are sometimes the most difficult to travel with since they may not like to have to stay with the family the entire time. Finding a ski resort that has a teen area where they can hang out with other teens in between skiing is an important feature to look for when the family has one or more teen agers in it. If the ski resort stay is going to be for a fairly long period of time, such as a week, the family may want to check to see what other activities the family can do in between skiing, such as swimming, playing miniature golf, or watching fire works displays at night.