An Introduction To Different Forms Of Skiing

Skiing involves use of special equipment that allows a person to glide on the snow. There are however numerous variations that need to be understood and the different types of skiing include backcountry, cross country, alpine or downhill, twin-tip and heliskiing. Cross country skiing is probably the oldest kind of skiing and its origins can in fact be traced to the Scandinavian countries where many thousands of years ago it was used as the primary means of transportation over snowy terrains.

Simplest Form Of Skiing

This is probably the simplest form of skiing and chances of getting injured are relatively less and it can be enjoyed by all kinds of people – young and old and of various levels of fitness. Toddlers too can start learning this particular form while beginners only need to ensure using terrains that are easy to negotiate.

Downhill or alpine skiing as it is also known as is a bit more difficult to learn as compared to the cross country version since it involves maintaining proper center of gravity as well as position (on turns). Skiers that are practicing this form must be agile and their legs should be especially strong because of the fact that the skier must meet and overcome a greater mental as well as physical challenge.

Backcountry skiing is a form in which the skier can ski on naturally undulating terrain as well as on snow that has not been groomed. There are two variations including the overland ski touring option and the mountain ski touring option though there is also nothing stopping a skier from blending these two options together. Overland ski touring is of course similar to cross country though it is performed in a more leisurely manner and is best done on hiking trails in mountainous terrain and also in forested areas.

Telemark skiing resembles mountain ski touring and it is a form that is also referred to as free heel because of the fact that the skier’s heel is not attached to their skis which is done to ensure that the skier can do the telemark turns properly.

Heliskiing is usually performed in areas that are only accessible by helicopters. And, this of course also means that the terrain used is generally rough and where the snow will not be groomed.

A ski resort offers an excellent chance to enjoy your vacation at a place where there are excellent skiing facilities available. Depending on your budget and the different snow conditions and also slopes you can pick a resort where everything suits your needs and abilities to ski.