How Young Is Young Enough To Learn Freestyle Skiing Tricks?

There are so many different freestyle skiing tricks to learn that it is often not possible for even expert freestyle skiers to learn them all. One of these freestyle skiing tricks, the one called 180 requires use of a pair of skis and which also requires that the skier looks, before taking off, in the direction in which they plan to rotate. Next, you need to learn how to land in the backward motion and in addition it requires having to spot the place you intend to land on and to also ensure that your weight is properly balanced. To perform this freestyle skiing trick you need to ensure never to turn in the forward direction after having stomped at the time of landing. Doesn’t sound too simple, do it?

Craze To Learn Freestyle Skiing Tricks

Still, the craze to learn freestyle skiing tricks such as the 180 seems to be catching on big with the youth who obviously want to do something that will test the limits of possibility. It is in fact quite surprising to learn that the more committed youngsters are starting to learn different freestyle skiing tricks at ages as low as when they are just two years old. This is indeed surprising because navigating the difficult moguls and mastering spinning-off jumps at such a tender age is rather inconceivable to even adults.

However, it is true that some two year olds are beginning to learn freestyle skiing tricks – all thanks to the Belleayre freestyle program that has now entered its second year of training. The coach is a young man who is aged just twenty-seven and who along with his father are running the show. This young coach, Erik Thompson is a champion in mogul competitions and so knows a thing or two about freestyle skiing tricks.

There is even a half pipe at Belleayre and in addition there is also a terrain park as too moguls. Young kids are entering into Thompson’s program and it is expected that their numbers will swell though at present the youngest student that is trying to master different freestyle skiing tricks is aged ten. However, it is expected that children as young as three years old too will be given training in learning various freestyle skiing tricks. There are also competitions to inspire these young kids to master and excel at the art of doing different freestyle skiing tricks.

It is certainly even possible to master freestyle skiing through the practice of studying freestyle skiing videos. These videos provide you with a chance to focus your mind on the intricacies of performing freestyle skiing and many of these videos even provide exciting footage about the most electrifying freestyle skiing tricks that is guaranteed to make your skiing juices work overtime.