Learning Basic Cross Country Skiing Technique

Cross country skiing is an extremely enjoyable sport that attracts people of all ages and fitness levels. If you are new to the sport you will want to learn a little cross country skiing technique before even renting cross country skiing equipment.

There are different techniques depending on the terrain of the trails that you will be skiing on. Most beginners will find that the easiest technique to start with is the classic or diagonal cross country skiing technique. This is the best way to learn how to move on snow in cross country skis.

Understanding Cross Country Skiing Techniques

Even with a grasp of cross country skiing technique in theory you should always find an instructor for your first few attempts at skiing. It’s also best that you start your foray into cross country skiing in an area meant specifically for cross country skiing. Look for an area that provides machine groomed skiing trails. This will make learning easier and a lot more enjoyable then when you have to negotiate unfriendly terrain.

The Diagonal Stride, The Easiest Cross Country Skiing Technique

The diagonal stride is the easiest cross country skiing technique; it is also the most important. Without learning this first step you will not be able to progress very much. You will want to learn this cross country skiing technique without your poles on a completely flat area. Learning with poles can actually be quite difficult as your body struggles to coordinate the different movements.

Your first step is to move one foot forward. You do this by bending your knee slightly and pushing your foot into the ski. This will cause your ski to glide forward; as you do this your opposite arm should move forward to help give you a little balance.

Now do this with your other ski, and keep repeating this motion. From afar it should look like you are gliding forward. Try this cross country skiing technique until you are comfortable. Once you can stay balanced while performing the diagonal stride you can then use your poles to complete the cross country skiing technique.

Now that you have become comfortable with the motion of gliding forward you will need to incorporate your poles into the move. When gliding forward with one foot the pole in the opposite arm should move forward. You should dig into the snow a little with your pole and allow the tip to point backwards. Do the same with the other arm when you make your next move.