Ski Boot Sizing: The Mondopoint System

The importance of getting ski boot sizing right cannot be overstated enough. Without a pair of well fitting ski boots it is hard to imagine a skier enjoying their time on the slopes which means that they need to be extremely careful when selecting their ski boots to ensure that they (the boots) fit exactly and are also comfortable to wear. This can only be achieved if you are sure about the ski boot sizing.

Important Functions That A Ski Boot Sizing Performs

Ski boots perform a number of important functions including transferring your movement to the skis and so getting ski boot sizing right is one way of ensuring that you buy the right fitting boots so that this transference of movement is more effective and seamless. Besides the ski boot sizing you need to also ensure that the ski boots that you purchase are optimized to help you enjoy perfect skiing. The fact of the matter is that ski boots come in various sizes and they also have different widths as well as can be larger or even smaller even when they are of the same size.

It therefore pays to check a ski boot sizing chart which can show a skier what their ski boot’s size is relative to their normal shoe size. The most famous ski boot sizing is the one that is called the Mondopoint system. Typically, this ski boot sizing system shows you how shoe sizes as measured in different parts of the world relate to one another. Ski boot sizing is important and so if you are purchasing your ski boots that boast of measurements from a different standard you will only be able to pinpoint the right size if you consult a ski boot sizing such as the Mondopoint system.

Typically, American or Canadian boots that measure eight will, according to the Mondopoint system, refer to fifteen centimeters in the Mondopoint system while in the European measurement the same size would work out to twenty-five and in the UK it would mean size seven. All these different measuring standards can leave you confused and so therefore it is necessary that you get access to the ski boot sizing chart such as the Mondopoint system in order to know for sure which size will fit your feet the best.

Skiing is as everyone knows a seasonal sporting activity which means that you would have a better chance of buying discount ski boots hunting by shopping for them during the off season. The top brands such as Nordica and Salomon will be available at hugely discounted prices and this means that you can buy them cheap and so is well prepared for the following winter well before the season gets underway.