The Basics of Freestyle Mogul Skiing

The word “mogul” comes from a German dialect for a small hill which is mugl. Indeed, freestyle mogul skiing involves skiing over series of bumps and troughs where the skiers perform their flips, twits and turns. There are many freestyle ski camps that have developed challenging moguls both as practice terrains and as competitive skiing spots. Freestyle mogul skiing is a very risky sport that during its early years of progress, the accidents and grave injuries forced commissioners to band the sports. A few years later, freestyle mogul skiing was back to the scene after thorough standards were set.

A mogul field and performing bump skiing is a problem to most skiers, but with the right approach and precautions they can be easy to perform. What an enthusiast must not forget to do is to know the basics by heart – you simply have to have a proper orientation on how things are done in order to execute them well. The next thing to do is to understand common problems most skiers encounter in freestyle mogul skiing and learn how they are solved.

Common Freestyle Mogul Skiing Problems

Improper Techniques. Freestyle mogul skiing is unlike the ordinary skiing novice learn, you need more than the basics in order to do it in the mogul track. A technique you need to know is making short-radius turns, they can be done with the right skids, edging and steering, it is also important that you can maneuver your skis in fall lines and at the same take effort to control their speeds.

Inappropriate skiing equipments. Performing tricks well does not only depend on how well you control your moves, a huge part of it is in the gears that you use. In freestyle mogul skiing, it is important that you use what is suitable for the sport’s demands. For example, in freestyle mogul skiing, fat skis are discouraged for they make twists a lot more difficult and their wide tips are likely to bounce at the bumps. Opting for more slender skis will make side-cuts across the moguls easier.

An upright stance and rigid lower body parts. These two things when combined together can surely make your freestyle mogul skiing experience quite the unmemorable one. Having an upright posture or the inability to bend over while skiing on bumps will throw your body backward, it is best that you lend forward and find the right balance to prevent any fall. Inflexible legs and knees will prevent yourself from maneuvering well along the moguls, they will stop you from swaying your hips as needed, they will encourage upright body positions and will certainly not help you at any bumps at all successfully.