The Changing Face Of Cross Country Skiing Equipment

The history of cross country skiing goes back a long time and can in fact be traced to pre-historic times. Countries such as Scandinavia had large areas of their lands that were covered with snow and so it forced people to use skis in order to get from one place to another during the cold and long winter months. These people even used to ski in order to hunt for animals and at first they made-do with using wooden boards that were strapped to their feet and their hands were filled with wooden ski poles which had straps made from leather.

Basic Item Of Cross Country Skiing Equipment Is Traversing Large Areas Of Land

These basic items of cross country skiing equipment helped entire armies traverse large areas of snow covered lands; though today the only people that go out and buy cross country skiing equipment are those who want to enjoy some time out in the open or those who enter into competitive cross country skiing events.

The most important item of cross country skiing equipment is of course a pair of skis. Furthermore, cross country skis are different than regular skis since the former need to be thinner as well as longer so as to evenly spread the skier’s weight across the skis in order to affect quicker sliding movements. The modern skis are different items of cross country skiing equipment as compared with the early wooden skis and today the modern skis are made from high-tech materials that ensure lightness as well as greater durability.

Cross country skiing poles are another very important item of cross country skiing equipment though they are just as important for the cross country skiing as they are to normal skiing. These items of cross country skiing equipment need to be very strong and light in weight and are typically made from graphite as too from aluminum. The poles are longer than standard skiing poles as the greater length facilitates more reach as well as better speed.

Other important items of cross country skiing equipment include the skiing boots, the bindings, wax as well as helmets and gloves as too a pair of goggles.

At one time there was but one cross country skiing technique that needed to be learnt and mastered in order to successfully take part in cross country skiing. Today, there are two techniques. Skiing, much like swimming has changed from when at one time it only mattered that you could ski or swim faster than the other person – technique was not an issue. Today, you have to learn the classic cross country skiing technique as too the skating cross country skiing technique.